• Bring Good Luck to Yourself



    “Bring Good Luck to Yourself”
    Bring in the New Year with Baby Peace and Baby Ruyi
    in Gold Foil and Liuli
    The Buddha Memorial Hall at Fo Guang Shan Kaohsiung, Taiwan was dedicated in December 2011. By nothing short of a miracle, Loretta H. Yang and her team created the 5 meter tall Guanyin of a Thousand Arms and Eyes in a period of seventy-three days in time for the opening ceremony. The colorful Guanyin is now housed within the Mount Putuo Luo Jia Goddess of Mercy Temple and has since had millions of visitors. 
    Flanking either side of Guanyin of a Thousand Arms and Eyes are Shancai and Longnu.    Sweet and lively, they are loved by all who lay eyes upon them. Standing next to Guanyin, they are charismatic little stars representing compassion and wisdom. In 2014, LIULI LIVING takes these two little Buddhas and releases Baby Ruyi and Baby Peace. With LIVING’s trademark characteristics, these two are a contemporary take on cute. Their charmingly disproportionate forms and gold foil fruits convey a sweet and winsomeness to last an entire year.
    Baby Peace tilts his head slightly with hair fashioned in the traditional Chinese baby style. In his hand is a golden apple, a symbol of peace, fortune and spiritual fulfillment. He is clever and exudes compassion and happiness.
    Baby Ruyi has a smile like a flower and the same hairstyle as Baby Peace. But as a girl she wears bangs shaped in a half moon and is dainty and sweet. In her hand is a golden persimmon, a symbol of success. She is innately intelligent and is the manifestation of wisdom.
    Their animated expressions and pursed lips encourage smiles in all of us. Every detail from their movements, clothes, even hair is exquisitely rendered in Liuli. 23K gold foil is applied masterfully by seasoned artisans’ hands; even a gap of 0.1 mm requires reapplication - it is not called “Thousand Layers of Gold” for nothing!
    This is LIULI LIVING’s first “Liuli doll” series since the critically acclaimed Beauty Tang collection two years ago. The marriage of gold foil and Liuli is refreshing - gold conveys strength and success while flawless and limpid Liuli conveys the power of tenderness. These designs are designed to dispel adversity and dissolve negativity.
    Baby Peace and Baby Ruyi act as Guanyin’s messengers, bringing luck and fortune to the people. Their accumulated energy and positivity warms the heart, encourages advancement and encourages a year of peace and ruyi.
    The new Baby Peace and Baby Ruyi will be available in January 2014.

    For more information, please contact your local Liuligongfang representative or visit us at www.liuliliving.com.

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