• LIULI LIVING debuts Warmth of the Fragrant Chrysan


    “Amassing the Scent of Happiness”
    LIULI LIVING debuts Warmth of the Fragrant Chrysanthemum,
    the essential oil candle collection

    As winter dawns upon us, we inevitably seek out all that is warm and comforting. A lit aromatic candle can set the mood for your surroundings to create a warm and beautiful space. Housed in delicate Liuli pots, LIULI LIVING essential oil candles bring happiness and warmth to your home and other’s.
    Evoking a memory or a personal moment, our candles stoke the imagination. Recall a longing, a joy, a heartwarming story and tuck them into the depths of your mind. Allow these candles to act as a treasure chest for your memories.
    LIULI LIVING Liuli candle pots are handmade and available in transparent or sky blue Liuli using a clean burning vegetable wax formulated from a blend of lemongrass and lavender essential oils. Fitting neatly into the palm of the hand, the spheres represent fulfillment, happiness and auspiciousness based in the art of Asian aesthetics. When lit, the arc of the Liuli pot magnifies the flame and casts a mesmerizing light upon the tabletop. We like to imagine that this light represents one’s innermost joys. Each Liuli pot comes with a lid featuring chrysanthemum flowers in relief. Traditionally, chrysanthemum represents the virtuous character of a gentleman. After the candle burns down, the Liuli pot can be repurposed to store small collectibles or as a candy dish.
    The two essential oils used in the candle represent the meeting of East and West. Lemongrass is widely grown throughout Asia and a common ingredient in Chinese medicine. Since ancient times, it has been used as a natural room freshener and is known to possess rousing and antibacterial properties. Lavender represents the West and is known to soothe and promote sleep. LIULI LIVING essential oil candles are made from food grade essential oils and vegetable wax for a natural and environmentally friendly burn.
    The exquisite Warmth of the Fragrant Chrysanthemum candle collection shows the versatile range of Liuli products and arrives just in time for the holidays. As a warm extension of your love and friendship, these candles make an ideal gift for anyone on your list.
    The new Warmth of the Fragrant Chrysanthemum, the essential oil candle collection
    will be available in December 2013.
    For more information, please contact your local Liuligongfang representative or visit us at

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