• Fluid Moonlight, Chrysanthemum Dance



    Fluid Moonlight, Chrysanthemum Dance
    The LIULI LIVING Mid-Autumn Tea Set, Dinnerware and Penghe Box Collection
    LIULI LIVING’s much anticipated annual Mid-Autumn collection has arrived. This year LIVING presents the Seeking Plum bone china tea set, a ten-piece dinnerware set and Bliss of moon and chrysanthemum, a series of Liuli penghe boxes. The collection is the ideal complement to the holiday season and the joyous gathering of friends, family and loved ones.
    The Seeking Plum tea set proposes a lifestyle philosophy: the beauty of life comes not from the end result but from the journey and process. Composed of 45% superior bone ash, the pure and delicate texture is as supple and warm as jade. Further expanding upon the “seeking plum” theme, the meticulously crafted pot is adorned with diaphanous plum blossoms that cover the backs of the pot and cup. The result is a restrained and collected beauty.
    The dinnerware set of the same name includes a dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl, chopstick and chopstick stand and is a seamless combination of bone china, Liuli, amber-colored Liuli beads, red sandalwood and fine metal. The round plates and bowls make up the six key pieces in the collection with six symbolizing fulfillment. Each piece showcases bone china’s suppleness and Liuli’s lucid opulence to their full potentials; the lush plum blossom relief is classic and poetic. This functional set can stand its ground next to any object of fine art.
    Another highlight of the Mid-Autumn collection is the colorful penghe boxes of varying sizes. In ancient times, the Chinese people carried their provisions in food boxes. These small delicate boxes (he) could be carried (peng) in one hand - thus the name penghe was born. The penghe artifacts known today are mostly made from laquerware. LIULI LIVING updates the traditional penghe by recreating it in Liuli. Classic and modern, the harmonious Liuli he is covered in chrysanthemum relief. Conjoining upper and lower halves adhere to the symmetry of Eastern aesthetics and when open, each half serves as a functional serving dish.
    The LIULI LIVING Mid-Autumn collection comes in a newly redesigned gift box that is elegant yet playful and makes an ideal gift for the holiday season.
    The new Seeking Plum, Bliss of moon and chrysanthemum collection
    will be available in August 2013.
    For more information, please contact your local Liuligongfang representative or visit us at www.liuliliving.com.
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