• In The Presence of Spring Liuli Vase Collection



    With April comes spring, the warming of the earth and the rebirth of life. Shedding our winter armor, we welcome the new year with a newfound ease. Spring instills a positive outlook in all and to commemorate this season of bountiful blooms, LIULI LIVING presents the In The Presence of Spring Liuli vase collection. The collection captures the optimism of spring, reminds us to enjoy the wonders life has to offer and embodies the vibrancy of the season. With a warm soul, one can transcend the four seasons and posses the beauty of spring year round.
    This collection follows the highly successful A Drink To Virtue. Once again, a partially hand-cast technique is used to create these sculpted Liuli flower vessels. Carrying on the tradition of exquisite sculptural craft, these vases are on a larger and more elaborate scale. The use of color borrows from both Eastern and Western techniques. Transparent Liuli is used to create a lightness of body and vibrant colors found in Western floral arrangements are used to inspire warmth that in turn creates a harmonious element that is vital to Eastern floral arrangements. The vase measures the height of an average person’s hand and the weight is centrally distributed to make it easy to use even for a novice.
    From past to present, the vase has been a constant symbol of soundness in the home. In addition to the congruence between flower and vase, the vase also represents four seasons of peace and goodness. LIVING hopes to use the cultural significance of this ancient vessel as a wake up call for the hurried modern person to refocus on their quality of life. A good vase paired with a personalized flower arrangement will bring one physical and spiritual fulfillment.

    The packaging for In The Presence of Spring was specially designed to match the liveliness of the season - a lidded box in royal blue, the brand logo in embossed gold and a bold orange ribbon. The presentation is ideal as a gift or for personal use.

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