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    Auspicious Necessities for the New Year
    LIULI LIVING Presents Shepherd of Fortune in the Year of the Ram
    With a good beginning, all else will follow suit. To usher in the new year, give the gift of auspiciousness to yourself, your friends and your coworkers as a gesture of kindness. For 2015, LIULI LIVING presents Shepherd of Fortune, a collection inspired by the Year of the Ram. With a winsome design and auspicious significance, it makes an ideal gift for the new year.
    The Shepherd of Fortune collection includes Valiant Victory, Ram of Opportunity and Shepherd of Fortune. The collection is offered in amber, royal blue and sky blue LIULI.
    Valiant Victory is inspired by the antelope, an animal of excellent physical and mental agility. To accent this, our designers used contemporary sculpting techniques to create a minimal form that accents the antelope’s horns. Its strength and speed is highlighted through its fluid muscular form.
    Ram of Opportunity features a charming lamb. Emanating happiness, the design is inspired by folk puppetry imagery. Plump and surrounded by Chinese papercut flowers, one can’t help but smile. The spiraling horns symbolize an upward moving force and the joy of perpetuity.
    Shepherd of Fortune is more than a decorative LIULI collectible, it is a mobile phone stand - a first for LIULIGONGFANG. A ram in mid-leap, its movements are exaggerated as it makes its way across ruyi to bound through auspicious clouds, ushering in fortune. Interlocking auspicious symbols bring the most fulfilling blessings. The design cleverly utilizes the angled hoof as the mobile phone prop.
    Ji shi you xiang is a saying in the I Ching. It means the expression of jubilation and goodness is the blessing of fortune. Ancient Chinese relics often use the ram or sheep to symbolize auspiciousness. In 2015, Year of the Ram, the double-entendre is even more significant and makes Shepherd of Fortune a gift of many blessings. For 2015, give the gift of the ram, give the gift of auspiciousness.
    Shepherd of Fortune is now available.
    For more information, please contact a LIULIGONGFANG showroom representative or visit us online at www.liuliliving.com.
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