• Life, In Bloom for the Peony



    Spring 2014, Fragrant Aerial Dance
    To celebrate Spring, a season of multitudinous blooms, LIULI LIVING presents Fragrant Aerial Dance, a Liuli peony collection. As anticipated, the arrival of spring brings the sincerest of blessings to our life.
    In the East, the peony is the flower to end all flowers; its position as king of flowers is indisputable. There is even a saying that “every grand event is rewarded with peonies”. The peony reflects the magnificence of the Tang Dynasty; Fragrant Aerial Dance is inspired by the “Luoyang Peony”. With pure Liuli and in relief sculpting, the blooming peony is joined upon a round dish. Each meticulously shaped petal realistically captures the peony’s sumptuous feel. Delicate and visible stamen reach upward like the surrounding petals, permeating life with fulfillment.
    The Liuli peony dish borrows from the ancient Chinese doctrine of a round heaven and square earth. Straddling heaven and earth, the peony communicates the Eastern philosophy of a united heaven and earth through design. Mid and large-size Liuli components form a set, the upper mid-sized dish features peonies in relief and is combined with the large-sized dish that features peonies in relief on the base of the dish. These two components can be used together to showcase the grandeur of the flower’s multilayered bloom. When used separately, the mid-size dish becomes an elegant and provoking visual point of interest and the imposing large-size dish can be applied to ceremonial usages.
    The Fragrant Aerial Dance Liuli peony collection comes in the colors ice or champagne and is also offered on a smaller scale in the combinations of champagne and emerald, violet and ice to give the customer a choice.
    Peonies are the embodiment of goodness and opulence, inspiration and inclusiveness. They are the perfect accompaniment to life’s joys. In this warm and profuse season, we wish for everyone to bloom gently like the peony and to discover spiritual and physical fulfillment.

    For more information, please contact a Liuligongfang showroom representative or visit us on the web at www.liuliliving.com.

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