• Equine Champion in Spring



    Teatime in the Year of the Horse
    Spring Forward in the Year of the Horse with an Extraordinary Tea Set
    Spring signals renewal as the streets begin to fill with people shaking off the winter and stepping into the warming sun. For Spring 2014, LIULI LIVING presents with sincerity, the Equine Champion in Spring tea set. Smooth as jade, the bone china teaware stands out in vibrant papercut and geometric shapes. With an emphasis on design, it makes for an engaging and exceptional tea ceremony.
    This collection is comprised of two unique sets. First is a tea set containing one teapot and two teacups that was a previous winner at the 2013 Taiwan Excellence Awards. Producing sharp and concise lines has always been a technical challenge when firing bone china and a challenge that LIULI LIVING has mastered. Creating a contemporary tea set in geometric shapes imbues a classic tradition with new life.
    The second is a mug set inspired by the brand’s classic square/round mug design. The Chinese believe in the harmony of heaven and humankind; discover the earth’s beauty through nature’s fine details. LIVING’s unassuming mug embodies this concept. Between square (earth) and round (heaven), is a serene exchange of aesthetic harmony.
    The unadulterated starkness of bone china is a blank canvas waiting to be explored. To celebrate the Year of the Horse and the animal’s entrepreneurial character, LIULI LIVING joins a lively and colorful image of a mighty steed with a tea set. Enjoy a cup of tea in the Year of the Horse from an exclusive Year of the Horse tea set - this is what memories are made of.
    China is the birthplace of tea and has spawned countless tea cultures around the world. This tea collection gives one the option to enjoy tea in the traditional Chinese way, in the tradition of an afternoon tea or casually in a mug. This distinctive Year of the Horse tea set brings novelty to the tea tradition.
    Now Available, the 2014 Equine Champion in Spring bone china tea set.
    For more information, please contact a Liuligongfang showroom representative or visit us on the web at www.liuliliving.com.
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